Although the spoon is soaked in soup many times a day, it itself cannot understand the taste of the soup. But,unlike the spoon, just one drop of soup on your tongue can give you complete idea of how it tastes. What this means is that it gives you no meanings to meet the most honorable men or to read the most excellent books as long as you are insensitive like a spoon. It is completely worthless to read many books or to receive high education if you’re too insensitive to learn Wisdom from What you’ve experienced. Those Who try to get a sense of peace by giving pains to others Will never be able to cut himself off from a chain of grudge against him. We should not be insensitive of like this person. Wishing for this year to be better than last year, let’s keep in mind that we do something good every day no matter how small it is.

People is large, -self is small, mind is round, not angry, feeling is long, if you hold your tongue, live long.