I was listening to “SANTANA / SPIRITS DANCING IN THE FLESH” around 10 years old. The father was listening and influenced. The other day, I found the CD for the first time in a long time and heard it again. I feel it is very good.

I searched for a video of Carlos Santana on YouTube. It’s a convenient era.

The live seen in the video is now commonplace in Japan, but it is due to the time being to know the situation at the time and to look like it is not good.

It’s A Jungle Out There / Soweto (Africa Libre) was one of my favorite songs on this CD.I was listening 20 years ago, surprised. It seems to be just before this. I’m glad to hear this year again.

As I listen to Santana’s songs, I will climb the mountain and take a picture.

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…