写真は箱根美術館の庭園の様子。木々の緑と芝、苔の緑がとても映える。これは秋の紅葉もとても良い感じだろうと思います。book of Japanese Garden箱根美術館に行ったら、苔の手入れをはじめ庭園がとても美しく感激した。美術館の展示品も日本史の資料集に出てくる品々がたくさんあって面白かった。それから”Japanese Gardens”という本。美術館のカウンターに見本として置いてあったのをパラパラとめくって見るとこれは良さそうだったので売店で購入しました。英語でも記述されているので外国人の方にも良さそう。この本はちょっとした解説や日本人でもよく分かっていない(と思う)庭園の造りや名称、茶の飲み方まで図解しているところが素晴らしいです。##
WordPressのWPCが先月くらいで最後になってしまっていたとはつゆ知らず。。残念だ。I took a little early summer vacation and traveled to Hakone on 2 nights 3 days. Mainly, Paula Museum, Hakone Art Museum, Japanese sweets, Chiba, Toraya Studio in Gotemba. Everything was good..
The picture shows the state of the garden at the Hakone Art Museum. Green of trees and turf, moss green is very shining. I think that it will feel extraordinarily good here in the autumn leaves here as well.When I went to the Hakone Art Museum, the garden was very beautiful, including the care of moss. Exhibits at museums were also interesting because there were many items in Japanese history collections. Then, a book called “Japanese Gardens”. I saw that it was good as a sample at a counter in a museum and it turned out to be good so I bought it at a shop. It is also written in English so it seems good for foreigners as well.This book is a wonderful illustration that talks about how to drink tea, descriptions and names of gardens (which I do not understand well even with Japanese commentary).##
I do not know that WordPress’ WPC had been last at about last month. I’m sad.