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This is the personal blog of naoyoshitake to continue looking for a good place and time. The contents that are mainly recorded, that of travel and mountain climbing things. I think not only the memo to leave at hand, or sent through the blog, it’s nice if can be a lot of people and communication. After that try from time to time also the introduction of shopping Do and no wonder good thing got in. I would like to introduce any of my photo.This illust was drawn by my wife. If you contact me, Please fill out below the form.




If it was good weather, enjoy the scenery, climbing is also a nice experience. It comes to enjoy the mountain while working normally and prone on the weekend that the car night. In the France of Chamonix made me think about mountain climbing in Japan to experience could feel free to access to fairly high altitude area in the ropeway. It can go up to the top in so much easier, inspiring young and old, to accessible facilities that can go in a wheelchair for persons with disabilities as well as climbers.

Mountain facing the autumn and winter have thought that just Do good. Weak because the mountains in summer is there are many people. It condition does not change that if you’re the weather, I think that Dari do ease the meal after the descent at a low mountain also climbing courses and time of how to construct that it is attractive. If the weather is bad, Do not climb. Do not overdo. Withdrawal to but it’s my motto.

富士山, 雲取山, 東天狗岳, 金時山, 御岳山, 大岳山, 谷川岳, 千畳敷カール, 西穂高岳 独標, 白馬岳, 武尊山, 小蓮華山, 白馬岳, 石割山, 瑞牆山, 西天狗岳, 塔ノ岳, 地蔵岳, 塩見岳, 白馬鑓ヶ岳, 白馬鑓温泉, 男体山, 蓼科山, 燕岳, 大山, 唐松岳, 鍋割山, 針ノ木岳, 槍ヶ岳途中, 北八ヶ岳, 空木岳, 地蔵山, 金峰山, 常念岳, 燧ヶ岳, 太鼓岩, 宮之浦岳, 太忠岳, 爺ヶ岳, 赤城山

Fuji, Kumotori, east Mount Tengu, Odakesan, Tanigawa, Senjojiki Carl, Nishihotakadake, Shiroumadake, Hotakayama, Korengesan, Shiroumadake, Ishiwarisan, Mizugaki, west Mount Tengu, Tonodake , Jizodake, Shiomi, Hakuba Yarigadake, Hakuba spear Onsen, Tateshina, Mount Tsubakuro, Oyama, Karamatsudake, Nabewari, Harinokidake, Yarigatake, north Yatsugatake, Utsugi, Jizosan, Kinpu, Jōnen, Hiuchigatake, Taikoiwa, Miyanoura, Tachudake, Jigatake

メモは割と至る所でしていたけど、結局、自分で記録したのにあまり見ない事が多いと分かってからはEvernoteやiA Writerをやめました。いまはiPhoneのメモだけにしています。

Note I was doing a few, such as the iPhone app, iA writer, Evernote etc.. I didn’t look back it. Now I concentrate only in the memo of the iPhone.

・Sonnar T* FE 35mm F2.8 ZA
・FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS
let this much..